Top 3 Instagram-able spots in Villefranche sur Mer

Top 3 Instagram-able spots in Villefranche sur Mer

Villefranche sur Mer is filled with beautiful sights worthy of your Instagram account or photo albums. Here we've picked our top 3 sights for you to explore!

With its great weather most year-round (see #practical-info for weather guides), Villefranche sur Mer offers incredible lighting and background elements for your creative photoshoots!

Overlooking the bay of Villefranche

Get off at the bus stop Léopol II and you'll be exactly where you need to be. If you're coming by car, you'll be able to park along the road, though the views are a popular sight so parking is rather tight. Be careful as you'll be right next to a main road, but those #sights... wow.

There’s a stone ledge separating you from a very long drop off a cliff, so be mindful of that when posing and framing your shots. When looking towards the bay, the sun will rise from your left and fall to your right. Both sunset and sunrise offer great skies, but you won’t see the sun at sundown as it dips beneath the hills hosting Mont Boron and separating Villefranche from Nice.

Walkway from La Darse to the city center

You can get off the bus at the stop Octroi and walk to the staircase Escalier du 24eme Bca and when you're at the port, just keep walking left while having the sea on your right. Soon enough you'll reach a beautiful sea-side walkway right under the citadel.

The walkway itself is placed directly above the water and is quite narrow; at most 3 people could fit width-wise. Therefore, please be mindful when setting up shots and scenes as you might be blocking access for other people. This is especially important in the summer months as more people visit Villefranche.


The citadel is a prominent feature of Villefranche and is right by all the main attractions in the city. It's also very hard to miss. You can explore the grounds and gardens of the citadel or get on top of the wall for some amazing #sights of the bay of Villefranche.

You can explore the grounds for free and take pictures as you please, but some museums and art-galleries won’t allow you to do so. Because of its high walls, the citadel grounds are often shielded from direct sunlight, perfect for lower-contrast scenery and photography.

More info on the citadel here.

Need more info on getting around Villefranche sur Mer? Check out the #practical-info!

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