QR Codes in Villefranche

QR Codes in Villefranche

Explore Villefranche has placed multiple QR codes around places of interest in Villefranche sur Mer that you can scan with your phone to learn more about a given area!

Each QR code you scan will take you to a dedicated page on Explore Villefranche about whatever you are looking at. If you’re logged in, you can collect points for each QR code you scan, and when you scan all of them, you are automatically entered into a pool of explorers to win an Explore Villefranche t-shirt!

You can see the location of the QR codes on our map!

How to scan the QR code

If you’re on an iPhone, then you just need to open up the camera and hold the QR code in the frame. Your iPhone should detect it immediately.

If you’re on a new version of Android (2018+) – you can open the Camera app when Google Lens Suggestions is activated and the QR code should be detected right away.

On other devices, you’ll need to get a QR code reader app. There’s many available for free both on the App Store and Play Store for free.

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Explore Villefranche was made by English speaking residents of this area on the French Riviera. This site aims to show off the beauty of this region and make it more accessible to people visiting.

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