Getting to Villefranche

Getting to Villefranche

Check out the map of Villefranche for a visual guide on bus stops, train stations, and parking spots.

Coming to Villefranche Sur Mer to see the #sights or do a little #sports is easy both by car and public transport! The most common ways to arrive to Villefranche are by bus, car, train, and ship.


10 min from Nice, 35 min from Monaco · €

The bus line 100 runs from Nice (from the port) all the way to Menton every 20 minutes or so, with 5 bus stops along the route in Villefranche. Now, I say every 20 minutes, but the French in this area of France can be quite laidback so don't worry if it's a couple of minutes late.

The bus 100 route is very scenic and worth every bit of the €1,50 fare. You can get to Villefranche from Monaco in around 30 minutes, and from the port in Nice, it's only 10 minutes. If you travel after 21:00 on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you can also take the night bus, line N100.

The other option is to take bus 81, which is a smaller bus line running from Nice to St. Jean Cap Ferrat.

The schedule for the bus line 100 is here.

The schedule for the bus line N100 is here.

The schedule for the bus line 81 is here.


10 min from Nice, 25 min from Monaco · €€

Parking in Villefranche can be tricky if you don't know the spots to look out for. There's actually quite a respectable amount of parking, but you may have to drive around to find it. The biggest parkings are by the Citadelle and along the main beach - where it's very easy to unload any beach-going and #sports equipment.

You can see parking places in Villefranche on Parkopedia.

Parking prices are available here, for parking Barmassa, parking Marinieres, and parking Wilson.


10 min from Nice, 25 min from Monaco · €

There's a lovely quaint train station right atop the beach that has trains running from Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Menton, and Ventimiglia, all stopping in Villefranche. The fare depends on the distance travelled, and be aware that if you're coming from Italy you may be stopped by border guards (called Duane in France) and asked to present an I.D.; best to have a passport with you.

The trains often depart every 20 minutes and usually run longer than the bus lines do, so if you're staying in Villefranche into the night, take a look at train options.

See the train timetable here.


3-5 min from the bay · Free

Image Ships are warmly welcomed and a common sight in Villefranche! The South of France sees 860,000 cruise ship passengers a year, and with Villefranche sur Mer having the deepest bay in the area, it receives a significant share of that.

If you're arriving by ship, you might be ushered off and rushed to buses to head to Nice. Don't feel you've lost out if you decide to spend the day in Villefranche instead! Villefranche is a great place to spend the day off the cruise, and rewarding in it's own unique ways.

Other ways


You'll see people cycling on the road between Nice and Monaco, even in some questionable weather. While it's a great workout, the journey isn't always for the faint-hearted; there's quite some hills to overcome and you'll be sharing the road with cars most of the way. The #sights are breathtaking though and very worth it if you're already an avid cyclist.

Walking or jogging

You can easily walk from Nice to Villefranche, as there's a pedestrain walk-way along the entire route. Do note that it'll take quite some time to walk the route, and there's some uphill sections, but it's a quite pleasant walk. You could even jog to Villefranche and you'll see many people doing so on this route.

Once you're in Villefranche sur Mer, the easiest way to get around ad see the #sights is to walk; everything is in comfortable walking distance.

Taxi and Uber

You can easily get to Villefranche sur Mer using a taxi from Monaco or Nice. While you can't hail an Uber in Monaco, it is by far cheaper to take an Uber than it is a taxi from Nice or surrounding areas.

If you don't have Uber yet, you can use this promo code to get started.

Private boat

If you are coming by boat (under 15 meters), you might find space in the Villefranche port, La Darse. Otherwise, you can anchor in the bay, and use a tender to get to the pier area. You aren't allowed to moore to the pier for long times, so you'll want to dock your tender a little further up.

Info for boats is here.

Private yacht

Private yachts can anchor in the bay, and use a tender to get to the pier area. Tenders aren't allowed to moore to the pier for long times, so use it as a drop off point only.

Info for yachts is here.

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