Average weather in Villefranche sur Mer

Average weather in Villefranche sur Mer

The average weather in Villefranche can vary greatly, with the winters dipping to 4 degrees Celsius and the summers soaring up to 30.


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The average temperature year round can vary greatly from month to month, as seen in the chart above from Meteoblue.

Because of its beautiful #sights and things to do (like #sports), the summer can see a lot of tourists flood the small city on the French Riviera. Knowing this, schedule your trip around the less popular summer months while the weather is still warm - April and May.


Villefranche sur Mer, much like the rest of the South of France, is blessed with consistently more sunny days in a month than rainy ones. July and August see the least amount of precipitation, while November through April you'll have around 5-10 rainy days per month.


Especially important for those of you doing #sports in the Bay of Villefranche or in the city, wind can be an important factor. For the most part, you can expect 0-5km/h winds throughout the year, although in December to February you might see those speeds pick up a little bit.

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